New faces to ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

And what a year it was. We devoted 2018 to crafting The World Next Door, and if you didn't get a chance to catch our latest post, be sure to take a moment and see what we've been up to.

One additional bit of news? At the end of 2018, Rose City Games leveled up! Three more members joined the party to help jump start the new year. . . not just with TWND, but with other (unannounced!) projects as well. Check out their bios below (or in About Us), and feel free to send them an adorable cat GIF on Twitter to welcome them officially (because who doesn’t enjoy adorable cat GIFS?!)

Artist & Animator, Marlowe (@marlowedobbe)

Marlowe Dobbe is an award-winning illustrator with a love for games she’s fostered since childhood. In 2016, she started attending PIGSquad events and has been illustrating and animating for games ever since. Previous projects of Marlowe’s include Lost Wage Rampage and Dicey Dungeons. With Rose City Games, Marlowe continues her tradition of creating unique casts of characters and charming settings for each of the games she brings to life.

Game Designer, Christian (@PerpetualRaine)

Christian Scandariato is a game designer and programmer. He has been professionally making games since 2013 and graduated with a degree in Game Design from Full Sail University in 2015. He can be found nose-deep in a game or book at any moment of any day, and believes deeply in the power of analyzing and improving design to make the best possible experiences of the medium of video games.

Community Manager, Jenny (@kimchica25)

Jenny Windom started her career as a middle and high school teacher, but happily fell into the world of indie games in 2016 as a Youtuber and streamer and hasn’t looked back since. She has worn many hats including video/livestream producer and community manager at Utomik, influencer manager at Indie Boost, and contributor to Intelligame. When not she’s not gaming, she's probably dancing, brainstorming cheesy puns, or trying to find cats and corgis to fawn over.

Again, feel free to send them a warm welcome! They’re excited to help bring to life the magical world of Emrys as well as work on some upcoming, super-top-secret, awesome-o projects we can’t wait to share with you as soon as we’re allowed to!

We hope you had lots of time to relax over the holidays and are just as excited as we are for what’s to come. Cheers!