Cat Lady Early Access Release Date Revealed!

Pack your bags, it’s time to visit Grandma, and this time, it won’t just be for a weekend:

Cat Lady releases on Steam Early Access on October 17th!

We are so excited to start this next chapter of the Cat Lady journey. The feedback from Beta Weekend already has improved the game in so many ways, and we’re especially ready to be able to include the whole community throughout the game’s time in Early Access!

Not only are we planning on new areas of the mansion…but you have lots of new cats, enemies, and upgrades to look forward to. Next week, we’ll reveal our road map that’ll show you what you can expect from us throughout the process (and get even more pumped to play!)

While this blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Steam are great places to find updates about Cat Lady Early Access, the best place to join in on the fun is our Discord!

Talk soon ~