March Madness: The World Next Door Edition!

March 2019 was the month to do ALL THE THINGS. At least, that’s the memo that we got here at Rose City Games, since we decided to do the triple whammy of attending the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, PAX East in Boston, AND releasing The World Next Door, our very first original game!

The dust has started to settle from what was a busy, fulfilling, hectic, stressful, and rewarding month, so I thought why not share with you some of the highlights?

GDC: It Begins!

To kick off the trifecta of events we had happening this month, we flew on over to San Francisco for GDC - the Game Developer’s Conference.


We visited the super cool VIZ offices (and start planning for our next project, muahaha). Of course, it was hard to stay focused when we were surrounded by so much manga and anime goodness!


We also got to do some pretty sweet activities, like attend the MIX (Media Indie Exchange) and showcase The World Next Door during their Monday night event, as well as participate in a Twitch stream the following day!

Thanks to @MBoffin for the best-timed screenshot. ^_^

Thanks to @MBoffin for the best-timed screenshot. ^_^

This was the second year of VIZ Media and Rose City Games teaming up to deliver an action-packed party at GDC…The Anime Party! Not only did attendees get to chill with sweet anime playing in the background (Sailor Moon on a bar’s big screen?! Heck yes!) but they also got to enjoy a demo of The World Next Door just days before its official release!


We spent the rest of the week catching up with fellow devs and celebrating their successes. Marlowe (Rose City artist and animator) had an extra-special moment to celebrate: the Dicey Dungeons team was nominated for an Indie Games Festival Award! SO COOL!

And we can’t talk about GDC without thanking Intel for allowing us the opportunity to share the game with even more folks at GDC through their Intel Innovator’s program. As a result, we got to hang out at the Intel booth on Friday afternoon along with some other awesome indies.


PAX East: The portals open…and they lead to Boston?!

Marlowe, Will, and I were back on the road just two days after coming back into Portland to head to Boston for PAX East 2019! This journey was especially exciting because not only were we going to be showing off the game with the Indie MEGABOOTH for the first time on the East Coast…the first day of PAX was also release day for The World Next Door. SALUTAR!!


By day, we got everyone pumped for The World Next Door by slinging comics, passing out pins, and encouraging folks to try out the demo. By night, we attended fun events like the Indie MEGABOOTH Mixer, Adult Swim’s Boat Party, and relaxed with fellow Portland indie devs while enjoying delicious ramen.

Of course, we also stayed up waaay past our bedtime watching everyone stream the game throughout the week. Needless to say, we were a little tired on our trip back.


Launching The World Next Door: OSHENDA! (aka Thank you!)

Back at home, Corey and the rest of the team were busy making sure the technical side of the launch was running smoothly. They were lucky enough to be able to pop into the daytime streams as well as immediately get working on patches and fixes to a few things players were kind enough to find for us. 😉

More than anything, we just want to let everyone know how happy we are to have finally been able to share the adventures of Jun and her friends with you. We’ve loved hearing about who your fave characters are, what theories you have for Jun’s future adventures, and seeing who’s caught the little Easter eggs we’ve left (ahem, anyone catch the Jojo reference yet?) In our Discord, we’ve even got someone talking about setting their next DnD campaign in Emrys! If you’ve got fanart, cosplays, videos, or streams, please don’t hesitate to share them with us! And if you enjoyed the game and want to be able to help us out, we’d very much appreciate it if you left a review on Steam. Gotta please those Algorithm Gods somehow, amirite? ;)

What’s next? Well, we’ve got some updates on the way to The World Next Door, most notably: VERSUS MODE! You’ll be able to take on your friends in 1v1 local spell-casting battles playing your fave Emryns (or human). But until then, we wanted to leave you with this montage of some moments on stream with The World Next Door. There were so many favorites, it was hard to pick, so feel free and send us your fave clips and maybe we’ll do a Vol II. 😍

Talk to you soon,