E3 and The MIX Recap


E3 has come and gone and — my goodness — we had a great time! Sunshine, catching up with fellow game devs and content creators, shopping at UNIQLO…oh yes, and of course we had a blast showing off Cat Lady in its first public exhibit since announcing it to the world.


Every time we attend The MIX, the team there raises the bar with of the titles they curate, and this time was no exception! There were over 60 games attendees could sample, and with the whole floor essentially organized as a circle, the flow of traffic made it easy to move from one game to the next. What was especially exciting was that this was the first year The MIX partnered with the Kinda Funny Games folks, which meant even more indie games to enjoy! In the calm before the storm, I was able to snag a quick walkaround to show you what folks had to look forward to during the event:


Our favorite part of the night was definitely getting to watch everyone experience Cat Lady for the first time. We had lots of people come back to us later saying that it was a personal highlight for them among all the titles that evening, which gave us the warm fuzzies, for sure.


While Marlowe kept everything on track at the booth, I had the opportunity to share about even more indie games on The MIX livestream as the host for the evening! It was a blast getting to talk with the other devs at the event and help share their games with everyone watching.


The cherry on top of an awesome week at E3? Getting featured in Game Informer’s “Top Indie Games of E3 2019”! It was incredible to be included in a list with other games that we’re personally looking forward to playing, and we were excited to see that We Met In May (made by fellow PDX game devs, Nina Freeman and Jeff Jefferies) was also included in this list!

game informer.gif

Now that we’ve returned to Portland, it’s time to hunker down and look at more cat GIFS…ahem…research game design. Very soon we’ll be able to start showing you what Cat Lady gameplay looks like! Are you excited? We sure are!


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Until next time!