We're headed to The MIX LA with Cat Lady!

We’ve been keeping track of all the sweet sweet E3 announcements and reveals, but we have to admit that what’s been on the forefront of our minds is the fact that Cat Lady’s official event debut is happening this Wednesday at The MIX LA during E3!


Find Cat Lady at The MIX LA 2019!

We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions of attendees as they get to wield cats against perilous poltergeists for the first time, and will definitely be sharing pictures and clips from the evening on our official Cat Lady Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages!

If you happen to be attending E3 as well, let us know — Marlowe and Jenny will both be there and would love to hear from you! You can always message us via your favorite social channel or send us an email at hello [at] rosecitygames [dot] com.