Cat Lady Devlog #1: We’re Feline Good!

First off: THANK YOU SO MUCH for making the first few weeks of Cat Lady’s gameplay trailer/Steam page launch so wonderful. We loved seeing outlets like Gamespot, Game Informer, Hardcore Gamer, and more picking up on our spooky and adorable vibe, and we’ve headed into work this past week feeling really good. 😋 Everyone sharing, talking, and commenting on the game has fueled our energy, and since creating some sort of devlog has been on our “to-do” list for quite some time — we decided the time is NOW!

Our first ever devlog is here, and we wanted to kick it off by giving you a chance to hang with Will and Corey, the co-founders and director/producer team of Cat Lady. They dive into what the past week has been like, imagine themselves as baddies in the mansion, and even provide a sneak peek at a feathery foe you’ll encounter while exploring Grandma’s mansion.

You can watch the video below and on our Youtube channel. 😁 Enjoy!

Cat Lady Devlog #1 : We’re Feline Good

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From your fellow cat lady,