See You At PAX West 2019!


Ahhh ~ it’s that time of year again. The mornings are crisper, the nights longer, and … what?
PAX West is here already?!

This PAX West is our second as a studio, and we’re incredibly proud of how much we’ve all grown and achieved in one year. Last year, we showed The World Next Door for the first time, and learned so much. Now, we’re back with not one, not two, but THREE titles, one of which we’re helping co-publish! It feels good.

We wanted to create a quick cheat sheet for anyone who’ll be in the area so you can find us to

a) say hi
b) play our games
c) bring us coffee
d) all of the above

(🤞 Fingers crossed, you pick D as your response. But we’d be okay with any of the options.😁)

So, without further ado: our PAX West 2019 Schedule!

1) ALL FOUR DAYS @ INDIE MEGABOOTH: Play Cat Lady and The World Next Door all four days of PAX West at the Indie Megabooth (Booth #657 in the PAX West map, 26 on the IMB map) during exhibit hall hours.


2) FRIDAY @ THE MIX: Play Cat Lady and Garden Story at The MIX, an evening event chock full of indie games! RSVP here. (no PAX badge required)

3) SUNDAY @ THE SIX: Play Garden Story at The SIX, an all-day event featuring indie games created in the Pacific Northwest. RSVP here. (no PAX badge required)

In addition to playing our games, you can also find us, the people of Rose City Games, around the show floor!

Marlowe Dobbe will be baking up a storm as one of the participants in this year’s PAX Bake Off along with Chris Charla, Victoria Tran, and Mike Rose. That’ll be on Sunday, Sept 1st at 3 PM in the Raven Theater, but if you’re not going to be at PAX, don’t worry! The shenanigans will be streamed on Twitch (we’ll update this with the link as soon as we get it).


Jenny Windom will host the livestream at The MIX Seattle for the second year running, and is super excited to be back and showing you some of the indie games you should be keeping your eye on (especially if you’re unable to attend The MIX in person). Tune in on Friday at 7 PM PST to!


Hopefully we’ll see some of you there! And if you’re not headed to PAX West, be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram to catch on-the-ground posts and stories of the sights and sounds of the event.

Talk soon!