Cat Lady Devlog #3: Purr-cedural Curation

We’ve finally (mostly) recovered from the double-whammy of PAX West and XOXO, and we’re back in the office excited to work on making the beta as pawsome as can be before the private beta weekend for Cat Lady begins.

We’ll have a PAX West recap later this week, but to kick off our Monday, we wanted to sit and chat with RCG level designer, Christian, and see what he’s been working on lately.

In our latest devlog, we talk with Christian, Cat Lady's level designer (and official interior decorator of Grandma's mansion)! We'll be going over:

🧩 What IS procedural generation? And does Cat Lady have it?
🏆 Does Christian ever lose at his own levels?
🎮 LOTS of gameplay featuring upgraded cat powers
🔥 NEW area and boss preview!!

Be sure to sign up for our private beta weekend from Sept 20 - 22nd, 2019 if you’d like to try your hand at Cat Lady! Visit to sign up (be sure to do this on or before Sept 17th!)

As always, find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for regular updates, and we’ll talk soon!

From your community cat lady,