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Rose City Games
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Spring 2020

PC, Mac


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As the newly appointed village guardian, explore ways to help those around you. Garden Story is a Social Simulator/Adventure RPG that emphasizes helping the community. Traverse a broken island, protect its inhabitants, and solve mysteries while making friends with a fruity cast of characters.


Picogram first began developing Garden Story in their off time. They dabbled in gamedev and pixel-art since they were young, but working night-shifts provided them with a lot of spare time that they couldn’t spend outside in the dead of night. Working in Developmental Disability Services and growing up around hospice facilities-- their dad is a nurse -- challenged them to face heavy issues with a semi-whimsical perspective. 

As Picogram grew more comfortable with their set of skills, they became more involved with PIGSquad, the local indie dev community. They not only partook in game jams for the first time, but also was able to connect with fellow developers and develop a sense of community they never had the chance to before.


  • Restore a dilapidated island: Explore and cultivate each of the four regions as Concord the Grape.

  • Help your neighbors: Fulfill islanders’ requests, foster relationships, and make friends with a fruity cast of characters!

  • Nurture your environment: Care for garden plots, gather resources, and upgrade your tools to better take care of your new home. 

  • Solve the mystery of the Rot: Uncover the island’s broken past as you solve puzzles and defend yourself against the corruption of Rot.

  • Curate a library: Deposit and catalogue resources to create a library of island lore! 

  • Set your pace: Care for garden plots by day, take a stroll in the evening, or focus on completing favors...It’s all up to you. 

  • Acquire memories: Experience new things to fill Concord’s scrapbook with usable perks and traits!


  • Showcase Selection The MIX at PAX West (2019)

  • Showcase Selection The SIX at PAX West (2019)


  • “From the spirited tunes to the understated danger of adorable produce fighting for their lives, Garden Story promises indie charm.” — RPGamer

  • “On the whole, it looks cute, pixelated, and wholesome.” — PC Gamer



Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/Ce6UZYaNBc8

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About Picogram

Picogram loves great stories, and they strive to tell unique narratives in their works.

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About Rose City Games

Rose City Games is an independent game studio based in Portland, OR founded by community organizers Will Lewis and Corey Warning.

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About VIZ Media

VIZ Media LLC is an American manga and anime distribution and entertainment company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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Garden Story Credits

Programming & Art

Grahm Nesbitt